Primordia Steam code giveaway!

It’s been too long since our last giveaway, so to make up for it we’re giving you the chance to win one of three available Steam codes! The game is Primordia, a well made point-and-click adventure game that we recently scored an 8/10. You can find Primordia on Steam at the link below.

To win this giveaway, you need to like our Facebook page, then comment on the status update for this post pinned to the top. We’d like to hear what your favorite point-and-click adventure game is, so let us know when you comment! (if you don’t have one, tell us why you’re interested in winning this one. I’ll even accept answers like ‘because it’s free’.) Winners will be randomly selected and will receive their Steam code via Facebook on Tuesday, December 11th.

You’ll find a link to the demo and a trailer embedded below. Good luck!


Update: This giveaway is closed, congrats to our 3 winners!

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