Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends coming to NA in February; demo incoming this month

Ubisoft announced a release date for Rayman Legends today, exclusively for the fancy new Wii U. North Americans will get a chance to play this fun single and multiplayer game on February 26, 2013, but the ENTIRE WORLD will get to enjoy the demo when it is released for Nintendo’s eShop on December 13, 2012. Rayman, Globox, and the various Teensies return from the last game, Rayman Origins, and are joined by two new characters: Murphy and Barbara.

Multiplayer is going to give the most unique experience, as players can use the new Wii U GamePad’s touch screen to attack enemies and interact with the environment (you can cut ropes with the stylus or move platforms by tilting the GamePad) while their friends play on the main television with regular Wiimotes. There will be plenty of environments to explore, including “music maps” set to original music from the game. Having gotten the chance to try out Rayman Legends at the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan, I can personally vouch for these “music map” levels: you run from left to right jumping over obstacles, landing on platforms, and killing enemies, but every jump and hit has a rhythm to it that matches the music in the background; it’s very entertaining. I was also able to tickle an enemy with the stylus on the GamePad while my friend socked him as his hands were wailing in the air (we are unnecessarily cruel).

Rayman Legends will be out in the UK on March 1, 2013, and other territories on February 28, 2013. All the details you can shake your disembodied hand at are located at the game’s website.

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