Composer for Journey Wins Best Score at VGA’s

Over the last year there have been a lot of gems for PS3 users to pick up on the PlayStation Network, like The Unfinished Swan, Dyad and even the Walking Dead Episodes. However, there was one game that stood above the rest and that was Journey. Critics were absolutely smitten over this game and it received an aggregate score of 92 on Metacritic and only one negative review. This was an abstract game and right from the start two things struck you, the visuals and the soundtrack. The score for this game was simply breathtaking and it is now getting every ounce of credit it deserves.

The score was composed by Austin Wintory and he is definitely on the upswing of his young career. He has already amassed over 300 composing credits which includes games like flOw and movies like A Little Help.

The soundtrack has received a Grammy Nomination and it is the  first video game score to ever be nominated for a Grammy. EVER. It is under the category of Best Score Soundtrack – Visual Media and the praise is well deserved. He is going up against some stiff competition like John Williams, who did the score for The Adventures Of Tintin,  Hans Zimmer, who did the score for The Dark Knight Rises, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross who did the score for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

While waiting to see if he will win his first every Grammy, he put his hands on the Best Original Score Award at the Spike Video Game Awards held Friday December 7, 2012. Journey also won Best PS3 Game of the Year and Best Independent Game. To add to all the positive vibes, the Journey score album debuted this past April on the Billboard Charts higher than any previous video game score in history. It was also the #1 soundtrack on iTunes all over the world.

Have you played Journey yet? Do you think the soundtrack is worthy of all this praise?

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