Dead or Alive 5 Christmas DLC released

Tecmo Koei has released a new batch of DLC today which is Christmas themed for a lot of the characters, but not all. Here’s what you can get below:

Santa’s Naughty Girls (Contains outfits for Ayane, Tina, and Christie. This pack, much like the others which have been released costs $2.99/240 MS Points)

Santa’s Nice Girls (Contains outfits for Kasumi, Hitomi, Lei Fang. Priced at $2.99/240 MS Points)

Lil’ Santas (Contains outfits for Hayate, Hayabusa, Bass, Akira, Jann Lee, and Bayman. Also priced at $2.99/240 MS Points)

Christmas Set (Contains all of the packs in one bundle for the price of $7.99/640 MS Points)

You can view the screenshots for the DLC in the gallery below, but most of them should be pretty self-explanatory, heh.

Screenshot gallery