Multi-city strategy video released for SimCity

The good folks over at Maxis have been keeping us up to date with all their great video releases on the upcoming SimCity, and all that I have seen thus far is more than enough to be excited for the latest entry into the franchise. Back in October, Maxis posted a video entitled “Gameplay Strategy Video #1” which gave us a look into the inner workings of the new SimCity. If you haven’t already, check it out before watching the newest video that Maxis has released on YouTube, because it picks up where the other leaves off (to an extent).

The multi- city play option is a great new way to play SimCity, and while there was some sort of multi-city functionality in SimCity 4, it in no way was fleshed out like it is now. The video reveals how a region can come together and function as one, allowing you to bypass some crucial city infrastucture that was required for your cities to work in previous entries in the SimCity franchise. Build police to patrol the region while you or your friend builds up firehouses in another city to keep your cities from burning down. Sharing resources between cities is another great feature that will add more strategy than just focusing on building up one giant city (which you can still do anyway if you choose to).

SimCity is set to launch in March 2013. Be sure to check out other great videos on the EAVision SimCity YouTube Channel.