3 new DLC packs make their way to Tropico 4 for the Xbox 360

El Presidente, I hear you like downloadable contente!

Fine, I realize “contente” is not really a Spanish word BUT, good news if you own Tropico 4 for the Xbox 360, because 3 DLC packs have now been released at a price of 400MS points each.

The “Megalopolis”, “Pirate Heaven”, and “Vigilante” DLC packs let you add a little variety to your island-empire building experience. They include some new buildings, costumes, and character traits for your leader. The “Vigilante” pack even lets you turn him/her into a masked superhero who protects his people from crimes. Hmmmm, a malevolent tropical island-ruling counter-part to Bruce Wayne….. SOLD.

The three DLC packs are now available through Xbox LIVE.

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