Brrr! Chilly winter incoming for MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Dragons and snow, TOGETHER AT LAST! Mail.Ru Games announced a “cool” update for their successful web browser MMORPG, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons. Players (of which there are over 15 million worldwide) can login here between now and January to experience all the winter wonder, no extra download required! New Christmassy adventures abound in this latest update to the free-to-play game: as players harass each other with snowballs or create statues in the snow (I would totally sculpt an ice dragon eating a villager mid-pose), a mysterious note appears, written in a foreign tongue that no one is able to decipher.

Finding out the mystery behind this note and what it means promises to lead to more exciting adventures (if it leads to fighting Santa on an Ice Dragon, I will crap my pants). Legend: Legacy of the Dragons offers a lot of freedom and customization: there are numerous classes and professions to choose from, and hundreds of players fight against each other daily in fully animated battles. Hopefully more updates like this winter one will appear, keeping the game interesting, fresh, and exciting!

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