Dynasty Warriors 8 adds three additional characters

Well, believe it or not, but in this week’s Famitsu, three additional characters were announced for Dynasty Warriors 8. I thought they would have stopped after the last reveal since they already fulfilled their promise of having 70+ characters, but it seems they aren’t ready to stop just yet! These characters aren’t entirely new though. They have been in other installments of the series, so if you have played previous installments of Dynasty Warriors, these names may be familiar to you.

Guan Sao

Guan Ping

Bao Sanniang

Each of them will have their respective weapon which was used in earlier installments rather than being given a new weapon like some of the returning characters have been given. You can check out the Famitsu scans in the gallery below for all three characters.

Credits go to: Re: Gigen

Famitsu scans