GamesAid’s littleBIGbunch2 now available

Do you love that little tingle you get when you donate your hard-earned money to charity? You know, the feeling that says “Hey you! Job well done”? What if you could get that awesome feeling AND five indie games?

Now for only $10, you get to choose five different DRM-Free games to play on your PC through Steam. When you purchase the games, your $10 will be split between the game developers and various children’s charity organizations. The games vary from RPGs to side-scrolling games so there is something out there for every kind of gamer!

So go to, buy your own littleBIGbunch2, and do your good deed for this holiday season. That way the next time your mom bugs you about what you’re doing with your life, you can say you donated to charity. She doesn’t have to know you got something in return!

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