Monster Hunter 4 adds new weapon type and new field introduced

In this week’s Famitsu, a new weapon type has been revealed for Monster Hunter 4. It is called the Charge Axe. For starters, there are two different modes for the weapon. A sword and shield mode and an axe mode. When separating the weapon into the sword and shield, you accumulate ‘charge energy’ in a bottle located on the sword’s handle.

The handle must be glowing yellow to build up charge energy. Once it is glowing yellow and you continue to attack, it will glow red as it stores more and more energy. You can then switch back to axe mode and distribute that charge energy through attribute attacks. The axe has much longer reach and deals more damage, as to be expected.

The axe mode also has a stun attack, unlike the sword, but it requires an additional button input to activate. You may freely switch between the modes to continue combos, but sword mode is generally used for the defensive aspect to have a quick way to defend with the shield, then counter with the axe for great damage, but how you use the Charge Axe will be up to you! There was also an additional new field known as the “Primeval Forest” revealed.

Maybe there will be pictures showing that off in next week’s issue. For now, enjoy a high resolution of the Famitsu scans below.

Credits go to: Tale Tale Source

Famitsu scans