New screenshots, trailer, and gameplay videos released for Shin Hokuto Musou

With its release just a week away for Japan, Tecmo Koei has released 60 new screenshots for Shin Hokuto Musou (also known as Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2) as well as the second trailer for the game, and character gameplay videos for Kenshiro, Bart, and Rin. The last few screenshots are in English as well as the Kenshiro gameplay clip which shows the European rating system in it (as well as English text at the end).

Shin Hokuto Musou is planned for a February 2013 release in Europe, but there hasn’t been any announcements yet regarding a localization for North America though. Don’t worry. I’m sure this one will get brought over to North America much like the first one was, but it will probably a digital download only due to a policy Sony has which states that games which remain in the original audio format can’t be sold on retail disc any more (this just means there isn’t even an English voice option selectable in the game at all). In any case, I am definitely looking forward to getting this next week and after watching these videos and viewing the screenshots, you may just be hyped into getting it yourself!

Imgur was being kind of weird, so I had to split the gallery into two parts. Sorry about that.

Screenshot gallery 1

Screenshot gallery 2