Penny Arcade lends its talent to create the definitive guide for MechWarrior Online

Penny Arcade has teamed up with Piranha Games to create the beautifully crafted and hilarious guide to ULTIMATE VICTORY for MechWarrior Online. Entitled “Pilot Safety Information” and reminiscent of those wonderful airline safety tips that you know you will remember on a plane that has its safety and security compromised, this 2-page guide offers players 5 crucial tips for managing their Mechs in the heat of battle. The artwork and descriptions of the panels are quite funny, and the team at Penny Arcade admit to being diehard MechWarrior fans, and it shows in this helpful guide.  You can download or print the guide here, read some extremely helpful tips over at Penny Arcade here (by the lead designer, no less), and watch tutorial videos here.

To celebrate in style (and I know I would if my favorite dudes from my first webcomic created a guide for my game), a free, 1-day “Premium Time” upgrade is being offered for all new and existing accounts, with all details available at that first link up above that leads to the game guide. Also, between now and the morning of December 18th, players get 20% extra MechWarrior credits with any purchase of a credit package (to either celebrate the holidays or wanton robot destruction).

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