Assassin’s Creed stabbity marathon to help raise money for Child’s Play

I love it when gamers come together for a great cause! The folks at Alpha Iota have decided to host a live stream of an Assassin’s Creed marathon to raise money for Child’s Play; a charity that provides toys, games, and books for children’s hospitals nationwide. Going on since December 14th up to December 19th, this is the 2nd year Alpha Iota has done this (they raised an impressive $1,400 last year!), and they are going through each of the 5 main console games in the series.

Alpha Iota promotes community service and scholastic efforts within their community, and what better way to combine both than by raising money for kids by playing through such an educational, historic game series (though Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli might not have been members of an assassin organization in real life).

Gamers can watch the live stream now right here and can ask the team questions, make requests (I’d ask them to assassinate a group of guards in the most hilarious way possible, probably with a horse), bid on items, and donate whatever they can to help the sick children across the U.S. Check out the promotional video below (it is filled with amazing parkour, which is something I’ve always wanted to try); it’s very well put-together.

It is so nice to see video gaming celebrated as a way to help the less fortunate, and the improvement in the lives of those who are ill makes the tireless marathon hours of non-stop playing so worthwhile.

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