Medal of Honor Warfighter “Zero Dark Thirty” map pack now available

Just in time for the  release of Kathryn Bigolow’s new movie, “Zero Dark Thirty”, EA have announced that a new content pack for Medal of Honor Warfighter is now available for download through Origin, PSN, and Xbox LIVE.

The “Zero Dark Thirty” pack includes two new maps, based on two of the most dangerous locations in Pakistan: the Darra Arms Bazaar and the Chitral Compound.

The pack also includes 10 new multiplayer ranks, 6 new weapon configurations, and 14 new weapon camouflage skins.

EA have also announced that $1 out of each sale of the pack will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

“Zero Dark Thirty” can be purchased for a price of $9.99/ 800 MS points.


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