Tales of Hearts R demo release date set

Namco Bandai has shared with us what their Christmas gift is to fans. On December 25th, a playable demo will become available on the Playstation Store for Tales of Hearts R. They have also informed us that if you have demo data and import it into the full version, you will be granted swimsuits for Shing, Galando, Hisui, and Beryl from the beginning. Not only that, but if you also have data from Tales of Innocence R, you will be given access to Shing‘s special skill ‘Demon Fang’ as well as a head attachment known as a ‘coda’.

All characters will be playable for the demo, so this will be a great opportunity for those who have been curious about the game and want to know how it will play by using different characters. So, be sure to check the Playstation Store on your Japanese account come December 25th to download the demo for the Tales of Hearts R!