Six new characters announced for Dynasty Warriors 8

Believe it or not, Famitsu has revealed six additional characters for Dynasty Warriors 8! It seems like the roster will be never-ending at this point, heh. So, since I’m sure you’re all curious to know who they are, I’ll list them below with their weapons.

Sima Yi (weapon = Whisk)

Jia Chong (weapon = Butou Blade)

Sima Zhao (weapon = Retsugeki Sword)

Wang Yuanji (weapon = Spear)

Zhang Chunhua (weapon = Mantis Iron Thread)

Sima Shi (weapon = Thunderclap Sword)

I’ve been out of the Dynasty Warriors loop for a while, but after doing some research, it seems most of (maybe even ALL) these characters belong to the Jin kingdom which was introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7. You can check out a few scans for the characters in the gallery below. We’ll probably get in-game screenshots in a week or so.

Famitsu scans

Credits go to: Game Nyarth