The first few minutes of BioShock Infinite


For those of you itching to get more BioShock Infinite, Irrational and 2K Games have posted the first few minutes of the game on YouTube! The approximately five minutes are nothing short of awesome, and I’ll post my impressions after the embed.


Whoa, looks as though you stumble onto a grizzly scene in the lighthouse that has your name written all over it. I almost expected Elizabeth to be at the lighthouse, but she isn’t there, and it appears that this lighthouse is your gateway to her. The cinematic nature of the game is strong from the beginning, and the plot is immediately apparent. But the people responsible for what has happened thus far is still a question. Or maybe I just didn’t pick up on it.

And that’s how we make it up to Columbia? Totally unexpected. I almost anticipated something more accessible or commercial, like a zeppelin that you could catch a ride on to the floating city, but a rocket chair works. This is BioShock after all.

While I know I have been really looking forward to BioShock Inifinite, I think this is just enough to get me through the holidays and hope for a few more teasers before the anticipated *fingers crossed* release on February 26, 2013.