Big DLC package now available for Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (in the UK)

Some news for our readers across the pond for a change! Activision and Fox Consumer Products announced a hefty DLC package for their game Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. Entitled Peter Griffin’s Man Boob Mega Sweat Pack (clearly the greatest title for DLC EVER), this update includes a bunch of stuff like:

The Space Station Challenge, which has Stewie and Chris battling chickens in outer space for some reason (there is no better activity for brotherly bonding than this).

The Evil Pack, which includes the Evil Stewie and Evil Mayor West costumes, with a unique machete for Stewie to use and a petrified cat (FOR BLUDGEONING) for West to use. Evil Stewie can be used in all modes, but sadly Evil West can only be used in Multiplayer and Challenge Mode (I really wanted to use a petrified cat as a weapon in the main game).

The Humiliation Pack, with a diaper costume for Stewie and pink fur for Brian (these costumes are far from humiliating and are actually amazing).

The Opening Number Pack, which includes the golden tuxedos from the show’s opening theme for all the members of the Griffin family (though for Story Mode, only Brian and Stewie can wear them).

All this is available now for UK PS3 and 360 users, though there is no word on pricing. U.S. residents will get this content on January 8th, 2013, according to the game’s Facebook page. PS3 users will get a free theme with their purchase, as well (sorry, 360 fans!).

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