Entertainingly ridiculous God Mode due out for worldwide release in 2013

ATLUS has announced a new third-person shooter for Steam, PS3, and 360 users. This downloadable title, called God Mode, is an up to 4 player online or offline co-op game set in Hades, with some dark humor thrown in to keep players entertained. Gamers will get the chance to play as a descendant of a god from Mount Olympus, whose family is banished from that holy place up in the sky for REASONS AS OF YET UNKNOWN. Players must do battle in Hades to redeem themselves and ascend back to holiness. Gameplay promises to be open-ended, with various demons to slay and a variety of guns to use (and it looks pretty crazy and hectic to boot!). There is a single-player mode available, though God Mode looks like its real value is in the multiplayer. Gamers can play with a maximum of 4 players online or offline (through LAN), and can unlock a special skill by filling their Rage meter with multiple kills (sounds similar to God of War’s Rage of the Gods). These skills can be used to rain destruction upon your enemies or to defend your friends, and they can all be upgraded. Gameplay will be switched up by in-game modifiers to keep things fresh and interesting, and each character can be customized by YOU, in any way you see fit. Players use money and experience to get new weapons and abilities, and can upgrade them, in a never-ending cycle of customization that will surely drive them mad.

God Mode is due out in the U.S. sometime in early 2013, for $10. A trailer with an amazingly cheesy voice-over is available below, and all game info can be found here.

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