Get angry and flip tables for charity at MAGFest

Finally, a fun, destructive group activity that actually helps people! Next month at the 11th annual MAGFest (the Music and Gaming Festival), attendees can get together to flip tables over for Child’s Play, the Penny Arcade run charity that provides toys and games to children’s hospitals nationwide. MAGFest has raised over $15,000 for Child’s Play in the past 2 years alone, and the new Table Flipping For Charity event will join auctions, both live and silent, to help kids in need. The more people donate to Child’s Play, the more tables will be provided; with plenty of silverware, beverages, and cups to throw over (it’s great to see violence go from “needless” to “necessary”).

MAGFest will be going on from January 3rd-January 6th in Maryland, with silent auctions throughout the weekend and a live auction on the 6th, which will include a Beverly Hills Cop 2 vinyl record signed by Final Fantasy composer Nobou and his band, the Earthbound Papas (how those two things go together, I don’t know, but I want it desperately). Plenty of companies, like Valve, Konami, and Gearbox, have provided items for the auction, and it is great to see such famous developers donate for a good cause. Info about MAGFest and their auctions can be found here, and everything you need to know about Child’s Play can be found here. I can’t afford a trip to Maryland this time, unfortunately, but if anyone is going, please flip a table for me; it would mean a lot.

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