Johnny Impossible to infiltrate 3DS eShop on December 27th

Time to be as sneaky as the Grinch stealing a Christmas tree. UFO Interactive Games, Inc. announced today that their 3rd installment in the Johnny series, Johnny Impossible, is coming to the 3DS eShop on December 27th, for $6. Johnny, who has previously appeared as a cowboy and martial artist, will now don a fancy tux a la James Bond and take on the Mr. Wang Gang as a stealthy spy.

Johnny will have to get past security cameras, robots, laser traps (no word on if he is too young to use cigarettes to expose them like Snake did in Metal Gear Solid), and hack as hard as Adam Jensen in order to stop Mr. Wang’s space laser (this is sounding like a remake of Moonraker starring a kid spy; as long as Mr. Wang gets shot out into space at the end, this is acceptable). Gameplay will be akin to a 2D platformer with 3D hand-drawn pixel art (think Mutant Mudds). Plenty of tools and weapons can be found and used by Johnny, and you can climb, swing, and grapple through the levels (just like my home girl Samus!). Also, the hacking is done in a retro LCD style, which is rad and makes me think of those old Tiger handhelds from the 80’s. All secret spy information related to Johnny can be found here.

Gameplay video is below, for your eyes only.

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