Additional details released for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

More details have surfaced regarding Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in this week’s issue of Famitsu. Here is what we know at the moment:

Half of the game’s monsters are new.

By defeating monsters, Lightning can earn points to increase her available time, and items to strengthen her equipment.

Though you’re only controlling one character, it feels as if you’re fighting with multiple, according to the magazine.

Time is always flowing, except for when your menu is open on the field.

Lightning is the only playable character.

Lightning’s new costume is designed by Tetsuya Nomura.

You’ll be able to change Lightning’s costume and costume color during the game.

You can customize Lightning’s appearance and ability considerably.

Lightning uses “Styles” in battle. Each Style consists of a certain weapon, shield, accessories, and abilities.

Kitase guarantees you’ll be satisfied by the outcome of previous games’ characters’ stories.

The battle system name has not yet been determined. Right now, they’re calling it the “Amazing ATB” battle system. This is not the final name for it. It is merely a placeholder for now.

Every NPC’s whereabouts and actions will constantly change.

Black haze will appear in specific areas at certain times. The new area will become monster territory.

Monsters appear even in the city.

Certain information can only be obtained at specific times.

The game’s conclusion can be experienced straight from the package. (No DLC will be released to continue the story like Final Fantasy XIII-2 had)

Credits go to: Game Nyarth