Massive Nintendo Downloads available for USA residents

There are a lot of goodies to download on various Nintendo platforms for peeps in the USA. In addition to Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels for the Virtual Console and the LEGO The Lord of the Rings demo for the 3DS (which I reported on yesterday), there are numerous other titles to download. Here is a quick breakdown of what is available and for what platform:

For the 3DS eShop: Mega Man is available for $5. This NES classic is outrageously difficult and is a pixel perfect copy of the original cartridge game (which sadly means no 3D). Fluidity: Spin Cycle is also available for $11; you get to move a puddle of water through a maze by titling your 3DS all over the place like a madman! The previously covered Johnny Impossible can be purchased for $6, while Mahjong 3D – Warriors of the Emperor costs $10 (you get to conquer and unite China by playing a Chinese board game, which is how all battles should be settled from now on).

For the 3DS eShop and/or DSi Shop: Goooooal América can be yours for $5 (the soccer ball can be replaced with a time bomb, which is all the reason you need to own it), Jump Trials Extreme is a paltry $2 (split second jumping required), and Wizard Defenders is also $2 (cute wizards in a unique puzzle game, dawwww!).

For the Wii Virtual Console: Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad, which was an SNK arcade game, can be picked up for 900 Wii Points (it looks like Commando with better graphics and blood, which means it wins at life).

For the WiiU eShop: The 2D aerial flight game Chasing Aurora (where you both believe you can fly AND touch the sky) has been discounted to $7.50. Little Inferno, the indie game that is all about being a pyromaniac and throwing a variety of objects into a fireplace, has been slashed to $10. Finally, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, an upgraded port of the medieval adventure that had previously been available for download on other consoles, is now only $16. These prices will only last until the beginning of January, so get a move on!

For screenshots and videos of every game mentioned, visit here. Whew!

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