Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta delayed, slated for January 3rd

AsiaSoft has announced that the company has decided to push back the Open Beta for Ragnarok Online 2. Originally determined to start December 27th, 2012, overwhelming response from players wanting to participate in the first English server launch has pushed the Open Beta back to January 3rd, 2012. AsiaSoft has cited heavy traffic on the server as the key suspect in the server issues that kept many players from accessing the game. While some may have been lucky enough to login and play, those characters created and their data will be wiped for the rescheduled Open Beta period when it begins. However, AsiaSoft has stressed that they will be resolving these issues as soon as possible to allow the game to run much more smoothly when the relaunch occurs on the server, and will basically be treating this time leading up to the Open Beta period as a server stress test. So don’t stop playing! Just keep in mind that you will lose your data accumulated between now and January 3rd.

On the other hand, AsiaSoft has to be feeling pretty good about the large response from players wanting to participate in the Open Beta of Ragnarok Online 2. This game has been online in Korea since March 2012, and a global presence of the game is something that I am sure they strive to accomplish. For the latest updates on Ragnarok Online 2, check out the Official RO2 Facebook Page.