Ubisoft Has At Least $18.5 Million to Spend on Next-Gen Title. Possible Pulse for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

N4G reported today that Ubisoft has received an $18.5 million investment for a videogame on the next generation of Playstation and Xbox platforms. Whether this could be the long-awaited sequel to Beyond Good&Evil or not remains to be seen, but it seems likely since developer Michel Ancel has strongly suggested that it was going to be a next-gen release. If things are as they seem, this could be a fresh start for the future of adventure and platforming games. With the original BG&E’s critical acclaim (it received an 83 from Metacritic) and the growing popularity of the indie adventure genre, it seems plausible.

Who knows? Maybe with the next console released we’ll have a good old fashioned action adventure title upon launch?

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