Only 2 days left on awesome VideoGame bundle

At this very moment there are roughly two days left to purchase one of the greatest videogame bundles that I can remember. Here are just some of the epic titles you could have for less than $7:

Dungeon Defenders + all DLC – Currently 50% off on Steam for $24.99. This game is the shining star of this bundle, and has sold over 1.5 million copies. It’s available on Xbox, PS3, and mobile devices, but is best played on PC.

The Binding of Isaac + DLC – Currently about 75% off on Steam for $2.00.

Legend of Grimrock – Currently 50% off on Steam for $7.49.

The Basement Collection – Currently 50% off on Steam for $2.00. A bundle  of games from the creator of Super Meat Boy.

Offspring Fling – Currently 50% off on Steam for $3.99.

Cave Story+ – Currently 50% off on Steam for $4.99.

~And much more. For a bundle this good, you know it has to be a Humble Bundle. We reported this bundle earlier in December, and they have since added a few new games to further sweeten the deal (some of which I mentioned above). If you want to start 2013 off right, I’d say this is a good way to do it!

Check out the video trailer embedded below. If you want to game with me on Dungeon Defenders, you can find my profile link in my bio.

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