First screenshots released for Atelier Meruru Plus

You may remember, a couple of weeks ago we reported that the release date for Atelier Meruru Plus for Playstation Vita had been leaked, but the listing was pulled shortly after. Well, Gust has finally come forth with some screenshots and information to confirm that the leak was in fact true. Most of the information you can already find on the previous article, but I’ll summarize it below anyway:

New costumes to be expected

New bosses as well as changes made to pre-existing bosses

Compatibility with Atelier Totori Plus save file. If you have one, it will unlock additional costumes for Totori and if it is a clear save, her weapons will be stronger

New events added

Playstation 3 DLC included in the game which adds Rufus, Pamela, and Hanna as party members and the Makina Domain as a new area

First print edition will come with a promo code for items to use in-game. The standard version is priced at 6,090 yen

The limited edition (also known as Premium Box) will be priced at 8,190 yen and comes with a miniature crystal paperweight

The game is scheduled to release in Japan on March 20th

So, just like before with Atelier Totori Plus, we can expect to see similar changes and additions made to the Playstation Vita port of this game as well. Check out the gallery below to view the debut screenshots of the title.

Screenshot gallery