Demon’s Souls now available on PSN

ATLUS has announced that its critically acclaimed RPG Demon’s Souls is now available for download on the PlayStation Network for the ‘greatest hits-like’ price of $19.99. Released back in 2009, this game has received a healthy amount of ‘Game of the Year’ awards, and set the stage for its even more challenging successor, Dark Souls. To celebrate this digital release, ATLUS will be setting the Demon’s Souls servers to ‘Pure White’ starting today and runs through January 14th. After that, servers will return to normal settings.

So what is Pure White? It’s basically an adjustment to an easier difficulty setting. Thus, enemies have decreased HP, attack power, and defense, while your character will inflict much more damage. Enemies will drop fewer upgrades, resulting in more health item drops. New areas and special NPCs will also be available, but the player must find them.

These easier settings are allowing newcomers to get acquainted with the game before throttling the difficulty/frustrations back up. And believe me, this game is very difficult, which is why many people either love it or hate it. I personally am on both sides, I love the co-op online play but absolutely hate the competitive play when people jump into my game and kill me while I am trying to rock some fire lizards. So I would recommend this opportune time to get familiar with the game before the Pure White server time ends January 14th.