Devil May Cry post-game reward

In the latest edition of DMC: Devil May Cry (available January 15th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC), some of the staples of the series have been altered. The most apparent of these changes comes in the form of Dante’s hairdo. In the original games, Dante’s mane was a shock of silver hair. Some of us even nicknamed him, “The Silver Fox…”

Okay. Maybe it was just me.

The latest version of the game depicts a younger Dante, sporting a tight, brown bowl-cut. Not incredibly stylish, but, hey, you have to change at some point.

Or do you?

Apparently, one of the post-game rewards for the newest title is to return to the silver-haired demonslayer that we all know and love, according to

Post-Game Reward Revealed. Image Credit:

Welcome back, buddy.