Atelier Ayesha confirmed for North America

Atelier fans, get ready to be excited again! Atelier Ayesha has been confirmed to be coming to North America for Playstation 3! Not only that, but even though this announcement comes as quite a surprise, you also won’t have to wait very long for it. That’s right, NIS America has already confirmed a release date for it and it’s not that long from now.

Atelier Ayesha will be releasing in North America on March 5th. If you live in Europe though, that’s fine too! They also confirmed this title would be coming to Europe on March 8th! It has also been brought to my attention that the European version will not have dual audio.

Until we get a confirmation that the North American version will be any different, we should go under the assumption that this will be the same and only have English voices also. You can view the first set of screenshots, as well as some artwork, in the gallery below.

Screenshot gallery