Kamen Rider title announced for Playstation 3

In this week’s V-Jump, it was revealed that a new Kamen Rider title was in the works from Namco Bandai and would be heading to Playstation 3 for Japan on May 23rd. The Standard Edition will cost 7,480 yen while the Limited Edition will cost 10,480 yen and include a 30 track compilation you can use as custom BGM for the game. We don’t know too much about the game yet, but for Kamen Rider fans out there, here’s what we know so far!

Battle will be similar to a Musou/Dynasty Warriors style game, but will still be different (think Saint Seiya Senki style)

You can battle enemies while riding a motorcycle

Secret military organizations will appear to fight you

The graphics will be realistic, yet beautiful

A crossover mode has been confirmed

Playable characters confirmed so far are as follows: W, Wizard, Kabuto, OOO, Den-O, Fourze, Kuuga, and Agito

Credits go to: Karinchan