New information released for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

In this week’s issue of Jump magazine, a new character known as Lumina is introduced for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We don’t have too much information on her yet. All we know is that she seems to be a help to Lightning, but also gets in her way at times to give her grief as well. She treats Lightning as a plaything and probably has a big role in the story, and thinks of her trials as a game.

We can also see a glimpse of Lightning‘s other outfits known as “wear” in the game. Hopefully in the coming weeks, we can get a more detailed look at them and find out just what kind of role Lumina (who also has a striking resemblance to Serah) plays in this game. For now though, check out the full resolution of the scan in the link below.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Jump scan