[UPDATE!] New screenshots released for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Noel makes an appearance!

Square Enix has released a few new screenshots for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. They are also in English, so that’s good news for those of you curious about the game, but aren’t planning on importing it like myself, heh. We get to see Lightning‘s different outfits as well as the recently revealed character Lumina. Not only that, but we see a returning character from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

That’s right. Noel makes an appearance in the screenshots, as well as a short segment of a new extended trailer (which is similar to the previous one for the most part, excluding Noel‘s appearance). We’re not entirely sure why he’s wanting to fight Lightning, but I’m sure that will be something left to find out once you actually play the game. For those of you eager to see the new screenshots and extended trailer featuring Noel, check them out below.

Screenshot gallery

Update! It seems there was also another piece of information we forgot to release that was posted with this. The release window for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We don’t have exact date yet, but Square Enix has stated they are shooting for a Fall 2013 release.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated once there is a more solid date!