Dead or Alive 5 Plus brings cross-device functionality with its console brother

Team NINJA has announced some special features for their PS Vita title, Dead or Alive 5 Plus (for the fighting game fan on the go). Players who own Dead or Alive 5 for the PS3 AND who purchase Dead or Alive 5 Plus for their Vita can except some seamless cross-device ACTION. The list of features that will be available are:

Cross-platform play – gamers can challenge players across platforms. A hardware icon will appear next to a player’s name to indicate what system they are playing on, battles will run at a silky smooth 60fps so there will be lag-free matches no matter what platform you are using (TECHNOLOGY), unlocking characters on the console version will automatically unlock the same characters on the handheld version (and vice-versa), and in-game rankings will show who is using what platform to play the busty fighter.

Cross-platform DLC – any DLC purchases will be shared across systems, so no price gouging will be necessary! Also, over 100 costumes are available to date; if you spent a fortune getting sexy dresses and suits for your fighters, then you’ll have access to them right when you purchase Dead or Alive 5 Plus!

Cross-platform saves and unlocked content – even saves are shared among the two platforms; imagine you got really far in Arcade Mode on your Vita, but the battery started dying. No worries; you can just start where you left off on your PS3 Dead or Alive 5, sparing you from much anguish and pain. Unlocked content gained from in-game achievements will automatically be available in the brother platform. Any new stages announced for Dead or Alive 5 will be ready to battle on instantly for Dead or Alive 5 Plus, as well.

Dead or Alive 5 Plus will be out for the PS Vita on March 22nd. More info on Dead or Alive 5 and developer Team NINJA can be found on their Facebook page and Twitter.

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