Surgeon Simulator 2013 can now be played for free!

Grab a scalpel and get ready to start digging your way into a very unfortunate man’s insides, because Surgeon Simulator 2013 can now be played for free at Kongregate.

Dubbed the QWOP of surgery by Eurogamer, Surgeon Simulator 2013 let’s you play the role of a “surgeon” who is tasked with performing heart surgery or a very very unfortunate patient. As you’ve probably guessed, gruesome mishaps are aplenty, as the game’s control scheme makes even the simplest tasks, like picking up a syringe, incredibly difficult.

If you feeling like walking in the very messy and blood-soaked shoes of a maniacal (or incredibly idiotic) surgeon, then head on over to Kongregate to play this game for free!

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