What makes someone a “Gamer”?

When did playing videogames become an exclusive club? When did every “Real Gamer” asshole with a blog page or a YouTube account decide that they knew what was best for the gaming industry and what list of games is the best of all time and all other opinions are wrong? When did playing videogames on an Xbox or PlayStation make you less of “Gamer”? When did playing games like Call of Duty, Skyrim, Battlefield, Halo and other popular Triple-A games make your title as a “Gamer” disappear? And who the fuck started handing out “Gamer” titles in the first place? I sure as hell didn’t get the memo on any of this.

“You’re not a real gamer.”

Every once in a while we come across people who have completely different views from our own and we either try to understand their point of view, help them see why we feel differently than they do about the subject or maybe even take some of their thoughts and mold them into our own view of the subject… or we just say they are wrong and spew intelligent sounding shit out of our mouths until they stop talking. I detest people who say “You’re not a real gamer.”, that shit makes my skin crawl. Last I checked, no one was ever voted King of Games and got to decide by royal decree who plays videogames and who doesn’t play videogames.

“Only real gamers play games like Braid, until it gets too popular.”

Our Executive Editor, Greg, shared with us a YouTube video of two “Real Gamers” from LavcoPriceTech who think that if you play mainstream games, you are officially not a gamer. I fucking hate hipster videogame shit like this. Assholes who think that they know what “Real Games” are and if you play anything they don’t like you’re no longer a “Gamer”.  This is just like people saying “You don’t lift bro.”, which is equally retarded and unwarranted. I’ve met a guy who told me that he played “true videogames”, which were mostly Indie titles, and said that every mainstream game didn’t have a “Human feel to them.”. When I told this prick that I really liked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (It was early 2010), he started giggling and told me that I didn’t even know what good games were… seriously?

Almost everything about videogames is opinionated and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if, in your opinion, their opinion sucks. I can kind of see where they are coming from in the video, but there is no fucking way I can agree with these guys. There were a few lines of dialogue that I had to make note of, such as “It’s literally like you own a Geometro and you think you’re a car guy.“, referring to people who own Skyrim and say that they are a gamer. I have never heard anyone say that they think they’re a gamer because they play Skyrim, I have actually never heard anyone say out loud that they were a gamer because they play a certain game. If people want to play Skyrim and then use that a stepping stone to other games from there, then go right fucking ahead, the more people we have in the gaming community the merrier.

These two assholes in this video are the kind of people I fucking hate, dicks who sit on their high horse looking down on everyone who doesn’t play the same exact games they do. No one voted you King of Games so don’t tell people that playing a specific game makes them less of a “Gamer”. I’m glad to see that this video has barely any Likes and the comment section is filled with displeasure. Good job internet. For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the link to the video.

“I hereby revoke your title of Gamer, and may God have mercy on your XboxLive account.”

There is no test, no vote, no trial, no requirements to become a “Gamer”, simply because there is no such official title. Playing videogames is not an exclusive club and everyone is permitted to join whenever they want, with whatever game they want. It’s when we have people who believe that their opinion is infallible and ostracize those who won’t agree with them, we get a community that no one is going to want to join. Like I said earlier, I’m glad that their video got a lot of negative feedback, it shows that the gaming community hates this type of shit as well. So, what makes someone a Gamer? Nothing. Just shut up and play videogames.

Executive Editor’s note: It’s funny, if you listen to the video further in, they talk about all different sports and how even though they don’t like soccer, it’s still a sport, and you’re still running around when you play it, and you deserve to still be considered in a sport even if it’s just soccer. Apparently, the same leniency doesn’t apply even though a gamer on a mainstream title is still doing the same basic thing as a gamer on a more “hardcore” title…

It’s true, a person doesn’t just randomly start playing baseball one day and automatically be considered an athlete. You could say something similar about being a gamer. However, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve invested your time and energy into baseball, football, tennis or swimming, you are an athlete; just like it doesn’t matter whether you’ve invested your time and energy into CoD, Guild Wars 2, Dota, or Skyrim, you are a gamer.