Dead Space 3 is now available to scare the hell out of you

Visceral Games and EA are delighted to bring you the third installment in the Dead Space series, Dead Space 3, now available in North America for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Those of you in Europe will have to have until February 8th to play.¬†While I was not able to play Dead Space 2, I screamed like a small child playing through original Dead Space. But the latest installment has co-operative play that will allow you and a friend to both scream like small children with the new ‘drop-in/drop-out’ co-op gameplay.

Other features include the new weapon-crafting system deemed the ‘Weapons Bench’. It is a redesigned version of the weapon upgrading system from Dead Space and Dead Space 2 where players can build weapons based on parts and equipment they find throughout the game. And yes, blueprints from your favorite weapons from the previous iterations will be available.

Visceral Games also announced that DLC for the game will be available very soon, as we reported last week. Dead Space 3: Awakened will be available in March for 800 MS points through Xbox LIVE and $9.99 through PlayStation Network and for PC users.