Sniper Elite V2 for the WiiU offers a fresh, exciting new way to hone your sniping skills

Publisher 505 Games and developer Rebellion announced today that they will be bringing their acclaimed title Sniper Elite V2 to the WiiU, with brand new controls and gameplay that fully take advantage of the WiiU’s revolutionary new GamePad and touchscreen.

Gamers still play as the American Karl Fairburne as he snipes and foils the plot of the Germans and their rocket program; only now players can use the GamePad to tag enemies and booby-traps, keep track of enemy locations (Karl has now become a psychic?), and see the blast radius of planted explosives (I am imagining a mushroom cloud just enveloping the GamePad’s entire screen, with the words YOU’RE SCREWED popping up). All this is possible to do while you are controlling Karl on the main television screen, so a quick eye and the ability to multitask is key to a successful mission (unless you have four eyes, then you’re GOLDEN).

Other than these updates, Sniper Elite V2 is the same fun experience it was on previous platforms: emphasis is placed on using your environments and cover to your advantage (and you must take into account wind and gravity in order to get that perfect nut shot), patience is still key to getting successful, quick kills, and the x-ray “kill cam” from the first game is still in play, so you can see your head or butt shot and how it travels through your enemy’s head or anus in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL.

Sniper Elite V2 has its sights set on a Spring 2013 release for the WiiU, and was previously available for the 360, PS3, and PC (you can download the PC version here). More info on Sniper Elite V2 can be found here, and you can receive updates about the game through its Twitter and its Facebook page.

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