Slim and sexy God of War: Ascension white PS3 bundle available March for UK

Sony Computer Entertainment UK made a heavenly announcement today, revealing the super sleek and gorgeous Classic White PS3 “Super Slim”, which will be bundled with the Special Edition of the upcoming action game God of War: Ascension. The God of War: Ascension PS3 Bundle will include the aforementioned white slim PS3 with 500 GB of memory (SO MANY SAVE FILES WILL BE POSSIBLE), a golden Dualshock 3 controller complete with a Greek symbol around the D-pad and Kratos’ always happy face around the buttons, and the Special Edition of God of War: Ascension.

What makes the Special Edition so special? I’m glad you asked, figment of my imagination: it comes with the latest entry in the God of War series, a Steelbook package (I want to caress it gently), audio soundtrack (full of hymns, I bet!), an unlock for Multiplayer Double XP, and an exclusive PS3 theme and avatar. This bundle from the very gods themselves will launch in the UK on March 15th. I learned all my Greek history from the God of War videogames and think the Classic White PS3 “Super Slim” is HAWT, so I’m gonna go book a trip to London to snag myself a bundle.

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