Dead Space mini-series “A Journey Through Terror”

Leading up to the release of Dead Space 3 and thereafter, the EAVision YouTube Channel has been posting a Dead Space mini-series entitled “A Journey Through Terror”. The mini-series has been documenting Isaac Clarke’s journey leading up to the latest installment, and EA has just posted part 3 of 4. This particular episode documents some of the core gameplay elements that have made the game so successful.

Part 3, which is appropriately titled “The Gameplay” stresses that the atmosphere to these games are key, which to me is a no-brainer. These survival-horror-thriller games require the utmost attention to the environment in which you will be interacting and spending a whole lot of time in. It’s the very reason you turn all the lights off while you play games like Dead Space or Resident Evil, even though you know you wish you wouldn’t have as there may or may not be a Necromorph standing behind you, waiting for you to turn your head to the little coffee table beside your couch to grab your drink so it can scare the bajeezus out of you.

Our narrator also goes more in depth into Isaac’s engineering background, the weapons and the Necromorphs. See for yourself below, and then check out the Dead Space playlist on theĀ EAVision YouTube Channel for the other parts in the mini-series.