Gigantic gaming collection on ebay for over $500,000

Do you consider yourself a serious hardcore game collector? Well, you’ve got nothing on this guy.

IGN has  a story on an ebayer who is selling his entire game collection for a total of $550,000.00. Yes, that’s right; that’s over half a million. Considering that he has every major console, and every major game from the past 30 years, I’d say that’s pretty reasonable. The collection consists of 6,850 games, 330 consoles, 220 controllers, and 185 accessories. He’s taken around 10,000 pictures of his collection, which you can view here.

Those searching for rare gems will have to suck it up. You’re gonna have to buy the whole shebang and have it shipped to your door in a crate!

Millionaires, go nuts. The rest of us can only gaze in a bewildered, mixed expression of awe, jealousy, pity, and icredulity. Seriously, what’s the balance on this man’s credit card bill!?