Dead Space 3 giveaway!

Once again it is time for a giveaway, and once again we announced it on Facebook first! Liking our Facebook page is required if you want to win this game, so head over to our Facebook page and show us some love by giving us a like.

Congrats to Gareth for winning a PSN code for Demon’s Souls in our last giveaway!

Today we give you the opportunity to win Dead Space 3 on the platform of your choice! To win this giveaway, you need to like our Facebook page, then comment on the status update for this post pinned to the top. We’d like to hear what you think is the scariest videogame you have ever played, so let us know when you comment!

One winner will be randomly selected and will be contacted by us via Facebook on Sunday evening, February 10th (Pacific time). We will also announce the winner in the comment section. Facebook privacy settings can be set pretty strict, so please check the the comments to see if you’ve won and send us a message if you did!

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats Madeleine!

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