Pickup truck transformed into a zombie killing machine to promote upcoming Dead Island Riptide

Publisher Deep Silver has shrugged off controversy over their zombie bikini mutilated torso bust and has partnered with London vehicle designers Xquisite to promote the upcoming Dead Island Riptide in the coolest way imaginable. The team at Xquisite have taken a regular Ford Ranger pickup truck and turned it into the bad-ass zombie destroyer you see up above; complete with armored windows, a mini-gun planted on the rear, spiked wheels, and a front end barricade (this brings back fond memories of the transformed zombie killing buses from the remake of Dawn of the Dead; all this truck needs are chainsaws and a canister of propane to explode the undead to be PERFECTION). Deep Silver are very excited with the end result, with Project Manager Nick Turner stating, “The truck is the perfect tool to help us push the Dead Island Riptide brand. Pickup trucks play a large role within the Dead Island series and we’ve brought this to life by building our own fortified truck.” The coolest truck in the universe will be making stops at various events and promotions, and fans can win exclusive prizes if they take a picture of it and upload it to Twitter using the hashtag #RiptideTour.

This harbinger of destruction will also be featured in issue #330 of Fast Car Magazine, which hits shelves April 30th. Deep Silver also announced that retailers with the best Dead Island Riptide window displays can win a chance to have the zombie truck appear outside their store (which can really help bring in the customers; however, if the truck appears anywhere near my vicinity, I can guarantee you I will make every attempt to steal it). If you are like me and want an in-depth look into the making of this beautiful machine, you can check out 2 making-of videos below. Dead Island Riptide is expected to hit the US April 23rd and the UK April 26th.

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