Rare 1990’s Nintendo promotional videos

If you’re about 30 years old or so and have been gaming since you were very young, you should remember the Nintendo World Championships or PowerFest or Nintendo Campus Challenge or maybe even some of the stupid commercials that Nintendo put out during the 90’s. I was far too young to remember most of these events, but one of my older cousins went to PowerFest when we were kids and didn’t shut up about it for years. I think I was about five or six when these competitions started to fade in obscurity so it was too late for me, but thanks to one of our readers, JJ Hendricks, we can now go back in time and watch the promo videos for these events and commercials.

JJ Hendricks was nice enough to upload six rare promotional videos to YouTube for everyone to watch, and to see how alien and different the 90’s were. The videos gave me a serious nostalgia trip and the commercials were pretty funny (I don’t think they were supposed to be back then) compared to commercials and promo’s of today. My favorite out of this collection is the┬áNintendo SCES (Summer Consumer Electronics Show) 1994 video because the commercials and promotions for the games are just utterly ridiculous compared to today. Here’s the link to the website we got the videos from.

Side Note: The host in the┬áNintendo World Championships 1990 Recap video has the best 90’s hair I’ve ever seen.