Tomb Raider “Monastery Escape” gameplay walkthrough

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have published a gameplay walkthrough of the new Tomb Raider on their YouTube channel entitled “Monastery Escape”. The video shows off some of the combat and action sequences that will take place in the upcoming Lara Croft title. It also shows off some of Lara’s repertoire of items and moves, and the mature themes to the game are apparent right from the get go. You will see Lara suffer a brutal death due to some unexpected circumstances, so be prepared. Long gone are the days of lighthearted aerial jumping, dual pistol shooting of cave wolves and here comes the cinematic adventure that reminds me a lot of the Uncharted series. This is a great sneak peak of the game that will definitely put a test to your reflexes.

Tomb Raider will be out March 5th, 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.