YouTube application launches for PS3s throughout Europe

Rejoice, my European friends! Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and YouTube announced today that the YouTube app that Americans have been using GREEDILY on their PS3s is finally available to European PS3s. Players can download the app for free through the XMB, in the section “My Channels” under the TV/Video Services icon. The YouTube app will only be available in territories where the PS Store is accessible. These territories are: Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom (das a lot of places!). “But I already use YouTube through the PS3 browser. What does this fancy app have that plain ol’ YouTube does not?” I was getting to that, Czech Republic (so impatient!). Here is a small breakdown of the YouTube app’s new and improved features over vanilla YouTube:

Search – users will see instant search suggestions and video results as they type, meaning they can find that Numa Numa guy in mere SECONDS.

Access To Subscriptions – sign in to your account to see videos from your various YouTube subscriptions, which include official music videos (Call Me Maybe, you’ll always be my favorite).

Your Smartphone As A Remote – even your cell phone is getting in on the YouTube action: after a quick syncing process, you can search for videos through your smartphone and after clicking on one, it will play on your fancy HD television. After that, you can control the video through your phone or search for more; all while that video of the Halloween prankster getting punched in the face is enjoyed by all your friends huddled in the living room.

This is all very cool and I am glad European gamers can finally get their YouTube on. A full list of features can be found below.

Key Features
User Experience:
• User Interface Optimized for TV
• Video Search
• Ability to Browse and Search for videos while watching
• PS3 Game Controller Support
• HD (Up to 720p)
• Content Flagging
• Closed Caption
• YouTube trending and popular video playlists
Smartphone and Tablet Pairing
• Browse and search for videos on phone/tablet while watching on PS3
• Fling videos to PS3 from smartphone or tablet
• Control video with smartphone
• Comment on phone while watching
Signed In Experience
• Sign-In and Channel Guide
• User’s liked videos
• Watch later videos
• User’s playlists
• Subscribed channels
• Search History
Please note that “Uploading the video” won’t be available for the YouTube application on PlayStation3

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