Persona 4: Arena released on PSN!

Atlus and Arc System Works released Persona 4 Arena on PSN!  The game can be downloaded from PSN for $29.99.

The game serves as sequel to both Persona 3 and 4; it takes characters from both stories and smashes them together in a battle royale of sorts.  Chronologically, the game takes place about two years after the events of Persona 3’s The Answer.  The hero from Persona 4 returns to TV land where he is forced to battle his friends in a tournament gone wrong.  Players are granted the ability to look into the thoughts and souls of other character’s perspectives while the story once again delves into heavy psychological themes.  This time the story is told not through the traditional RPG format, but instead through the 2-D arcade fighting genre.

Persona 4 Arena has received rave reviews since its initial release in August 2012; IGN gave the fighter a solid 9.0, praising its story, combat, and overall design.