Tribes: Ascend “Game of the Year Edition” coming soon

Hi-Rez Studios announced today that they will be releasing a “Game of the Year Edition” (GotY) of the online shooter Tribes: Ascend this Friday, February 15th. The GotY Edition will be available as a single-purchase that will give players access to over 100 weapons, all 9 classes, and all 21 perks. Also included is all the DLC content from the previous 10 expansions. Sounds like the ultimate bundle, and a great opportunity for those looking to start playing Tribes: Ascend.

The new edition will not impact those who are playing for free, and Hi-Rez has stressed this point. This edition just offers those who may want to invest in their game with a convenient single purchase. Pricing for North America has yet to be announced, but European players can pick this up at a discounted launch rate of £ 20.99/€ 23.99 via Steam. If you are a Tribes VIP member, it’s even further discounted at £ 13.99/€ 15.99.

As an added bonus, a new patch is also coinciding with the February 15th release. The new patch content includes six new maps (three Capture The Flag & Blitz and three Arena maps), the new Shocklance weapon, and two new cosmetic skins.