New monster battling game Battlemons now in open beta

A new monster collecting/battling web-browser game has been launched by the folks over at Travian Games that you might want to check out. The game, ironically titled Battlemons is very much in the vein of Pokemon or Digimon as well as popular browser game NeoPets and is currently in its open beta phase. The game is designed in Adobe Flash with some nice hand drawn looking artwork and fairly smooth animation.

I had a chance to play the game for an hour or so and it seems like a good time-waster if you are into the whole virtual pet thing (which I am somewhat, I’ll admit it – I grew up on the Pokemon). There are a variety of things to do in-game from exploring the wilderness, feeding and training your Battlemons, trading, as well as battling other players for experience and gold. Overall, the game seems pretty promising, and I’m sure it’ll be a hit with kids.

Game Producer Vera Frisch spoke a bit about the game to the press:

“After a while just breeding Battlemons would get a  little monotonous. That’s why you can pick your favorite monster from  seven categories to breed further generations, improving colors and talents at higher levels to raise the perfect Battlemon. The trainers can also swap monsters with other trainers. This creates a huge level of variety over time! With the perfect Battlemon at your side, you don’t only take part in exciting battles against other trainers, you can also go on adventures in the nearby unexplored jungle, which is filled with unseen dangers as well as all kinds of treasures.”

Want to find out more about Battlemons? Head over to to sign up now (it’s free in case you were wondering).