New Eevee evolution, Sylveon, to make its debut in the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Oh my God, IT’S SO FLUFFY! The Pokémon Company International has announced a very special new Pokemon that will be introduced in the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, due to hit the 3DS in October. If this foxy Pokemon looks a bit familiar, it’s because this is the latest Eevee evolution, Sylveon (us twenty-somethings remember Eevee from way back in the Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red era, when Gameboys had two buttons and didn’t even display color). Eevee enthusiasts will know that the versatile Pokemon has had seven different evolutions throughout the series (Sylveon being the eighth), with players having to make the always difficult decision about which type to evolve it into. Eevee seems to have had the opportunity to evolve into every type of Pokemon in existence (ice, grass, fire, you name it), so it will be interesting to see what type Sylveon will be (for now it is the most mysterious of mysteries). More information about Sylveon and how it evolves from Eevee will be shared later this year. Check out the neat Eevee evolution graphic below!

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